With reasonable fitness…

You should be able to:

  • go for a two hour ramble with a friend at the drop of a hat, no water, no workout clothes, just a nice long walk.
  • support your body weight on your fingertips, if only for a moment.
  • sprint full out for at least five seconds without feeling like it’s really taxing.
  • lie flat on your back and spring up to standing without pausing
  • do a few cartwheels for the hell of it
  • do a freestanding handstand for a few seconds
  • play with a kid at playground until they get bored, without feeling likes it’s a hardship
  • be on your feet all day without feeling like you need to sit down
  • pick berries for a full afternoon
  • hike for a full day carrying all the food and water you need
  • hold a sixty second plank and wonder why people think it’s exercise
  • skip eating for eight hours without any real discomfort
  • Pick up and carry your bodyweight for a short distance
  • standing jump a meter up easily. And jump of and land just as easily
  • sprint on hands and feet for a short distance easily
  • dance non-stop to a band for at least one set
  • vault a fence
  • piggy-back your friends

What else can you think of? Comments below!


  1. I occasionally do standardised patient work for medical licensing. Basically, I’m an exam question with a bunch of pre-programmed questions/responses/prompts: “Dear doctor/pharmacist/etc, I have a problem, please help!”

    One of the default responses lets me say that I am reasonably fit, because I go for a half-hour walk two to three times a week. It’s atrocious.

    • David R. Packer

      Yeah, the only thing worse than the standards are the guidelines of what someone should *aspire* to…

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