Tough it out to give it out

The first person to dislocate my jaw was my brother. He started out as a really small kid. Small, frail…and temperamental. As he got older, that temper turned into a sinewy strength. In his teens, he was only small compared to a lowland gorilla. The sinewy strength was still there, but now it had some […]

CNAT Finale

I woke up with the sun Saturday morning, had a yurt all to myself. I drank some water, got dressed, and did my morning workout on the wooden floor. Went over my class notes, read a little, wrote a few brief notes. It was peaceful and quiet, I felt completely alone and calm. Grabbed my […]

Cascadia North Accolade Tournament 2012

Right, part one of my recollections of Cascadia North. First up will be my raw notes, taken at various points in the weekend and only edited for spelling and grammar. Read at your own risk! Friday Night It’s one AM and I’m completely smashed. I helped myself like a greedy pig to the public keg. […]