From the archives: Ruminations on a Duel

Dug up from the archives, originally posted on another blog a few years ago. Part One It’s been about two years, so I think a retrospect is in order. Mostly to clear up some misunderstandings, but also to share what I learned from the experience. I’ll add conclusions at the end. It started with Justin […]

Bad Day at Black Rock

I’ve had some pretty bad days fencing. I remember one tournament really sucking. I’d just been on a hot streak, and really felt like I had something to prove. I got myself up at five in the morning to get ready, and drove two hours south to a tiny town in Washington state to compete. […]

Lion DNA

I learned rapier in a pure Darwinian environment. The only way it could have been more Darwinian would be with copious bloodshed. The Society for Creative Anachronism frowns on bloodshed. Historical swordplay instruction proceeds in an orderly fashion. You start with the basics, show skill, and progress to the more complex things. You are taught […]

Coaching Cats

A funny thing happens to cats when they get to a certain age. The little bits of the pelt that are hard to reach start to accumulate a mat of fur. With a long haired beasty like mine, it starts with one little clump. I sat down this morning with a new grooming tool and […]