Revelations to no one but me.

Spent a little while this morning watching video of myself sparring with Jordan last …Summer? Wow..that long ago? Tempus fugit, not just for other people. I’ve been talking with people lately about the development of style, personalization vs strict form, and things like that. It’s always interesting to look at yourself fighting and see if […]

Counting the Cost

It’s a kind of grey day out. Standard Vancouver. We had blue skies peeking through the clouds yesterday, and today I can see a hint of orange-pink in the clouds that tells me the sun hides on the other side. Living in Vancouver means accepting the grey for at least nine months out of twelve. […]

Boobs, boobs, and…boobs!

I can’t wait to see the hits that title produces. The google search terms that land people on this page are just a smidge ridiculous. “Boobs” I can sort of see, since one post had that title. But “Boob punch?” “Boob wrestle?” I suppose these could be women looking for training advice.  But who the […]

Caveman Antics

Friday night I was still feeling sniffy and snorty, so we packed off to Academie Duello’s Fight Night with just the camera. It wasn’t as busy and active a night as last time, but there was a good collection of friends. I took a bunch of photos, and chatted. It’s funny how the best of […]

A History of T-shirts and Violence

This blog was supposed to an add-on to the boxwrestlefence website…which was meant to be a t-shirt shop for the WMA community. We spent a great weekend drinking wine and brainstorming. I wrote up a horde of slogans and sayings, and Courtney started playing with fonts and putting together some rough layouts. We wanted to […]

Certification avec la Fouetté Rond de Jambe en Tournant

So I took a brief tour of the various places on the net, to see what sort of conversations were happening in regards to this whole certification issue. What I saw really made me wonder about the wisdom of letting people vote. Dear WMA world…what the hell is wrong with you?!? Intellectual pomposity is no […]