Seven days left in our official fundraising campaign, three days before we need the funds, we’ve hit…and exceeded…our goal of raising half the fund we need for a years worth of insurance. Now we’re into the stretch goal, and starting to think about covering all the insurance, and getting some more loaner gear for students. […]

Quarter of a second

First things first: The new website is up for the school. You can find the link above, in the top right corner, for Valkyrie WMA Classes. And if you head to that web page and click on “Taking Classes” you’ll find you can sing up and pay for your first months dues and membership online. […]

East meets West

Five more days til our first class. I’ve added a nice new sidebar for our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for insurance and hopefully a few other things. We are doing great so far, but we still aren’t there. The campaign will run for another week, but we need to pay for insurance by friday, […]

Why Valkyrie?

Sandahl Bergman in Conan the Barbarian. Man, that opened some eyes for me. As a young man just learning that women weren’t icky things, but rather interesting things? A strong women who could stand up to, and stand up for, the big strong barbarians? Could swing a sword with the best of them? Yeah. I’d […]

One more week

Seven days until the new classes start. Getting excited now. The fundraising campaign is off to a terrific start, and we are now looking at adding some stretch goals. Ideally we could cover all of our insurance costs up front, and maybe get a few pieces of loaner gear, or some more striking pads and […]

Coming to grips with the knife

Prepping for the new school again, and working over some of the material. As always, this means digging up my notes on Marozzo, checking what’s up with the latest translations, and re-reading the original. With Marozzo, I found my key to understanding him best comes from his self-defense section at the back. It mirrors the […]