Week 51, Year of the Naked Bear

Let’s try something a little different. I’ve been trying to take one day a week off from blog writing, but I always feel a smidge bad about not writing on that day. I’m going to try doing an overview of the previous week. Should be an aid to those of you who only read sporadically […]

Chankonabe for the soul

When I finally got to watch the first UFC, I was pretty surprised. I really didn’t expect any kind of grappling art to have any kind of success. I knew how fast and strong I was, and what kind of damage my limbs could do to other people. I had hard-earned confidence that I could […]

Guard, Line, Measure…

When I first took up rapier, it was a nightmare. It took me a solid year to overcome all my martial arts instincts. Twenty years of training had taught me to get close to my opponent, shut down all their tools, and finish them off. Anything else was madness. My previous training in weapon arts […]

No snow abounds

Of all the things I could be doing with my morning, I’m sitting in front of my computer. The sunlight is coming from around the corner, but I can’t quite see it. I hear it’s snowed in the rest of the city, but it’s business as usual here. Fresh espresso, fresh smell of cat puke. […]