Another Monday morning. At some point this week I go back to part time work, so I can start to actually work on my writing again. A few more hours free in the morning, and soon the season will be over and I can have even more time. Can’t wait. Life is too short to […]

Bald Chicanery

Chicory, anyway. One of the advantages of having a wife who works for a spice and organic dry goods distributor is the wonderful panoply of flavours that flow through the house. We get all kinds of samples. Some are for baking or photographing, others are just surplus. Today I found a sample container of Chicory, […]

Ground zero

I got a lot of benefits out of being trained in the survival of the fittest school of fencing. Challenge matches against other martial artists are a breeze. I’m used to the crazy, the insane, the unexpected. When I was learning rapier, lessons were rudimentary at best. Drills were a thing done sporadically, and all […]

Fimbulwinter delayed

Going back to part-time work next week, thank god. It was nice having full-time pay for a bit, but I’ve been suffering from a surfeit of imagination sans outlet. My only writing outlet has been this blog. I’m getting a lot more professional in my writing approach, at least. Instead of an hour or two […]

Smooth flow setting in

Almost didn’t have time for a blog post this morning. After-class drinks ran a little late, and there was pizza and winter ale and tzatziki, and good conversation. Followed up with even more heavy rain when I woke up, how can you blame a guy for wanting to sleep in a little? Not to mention […]