Of lights and bones

Another wet and cold morning. It’s like I live in Vancouver, or something. The constant disappointment of no snow yet again is only matched by the narrow comfort of avoiding, once again, true Vancouver hell: The special treat of a night of heavy snow followed by a day of heavy rain. Soaked, freezing feet and […]

Ring of Silver Moon

Spent the morning today out in the shop, instead of writing a blog post. It was brutally cold…just a smidge above zero, with hints of snow showing up amongst the wind and rain. Chris and I headed out nice and early, fortified with enough to coffee to get started. He was working on preparing some […]

That didn’t take long

Second class and I remembered how I used to get classes moving at a quick pace…dedicated clock watching. It also helped that we had even numbers, so I got to be a student instead of just trying to do the drills off to the side with no partner. I kept the pace cracking, and our […]

Wee mousie

Arriving at work, the musty smell was noticeable. We’d been noticing the signs of a potential mouse issue for a few days…droppings here and there… We’d put out traps, but no luck. Obviously, the next best approach was a thorough cleaning. Clean all the surfaces, remove any comfy mouse hiding or bedding areas, and just […]

Damp the fire

After the first class we took off to a local pub to soothe our soon-to-be aches with a cold pint or two. And maybe some protein heavy munchies… To me the after-class socialization is an important part of the class. It has nothing to do with being better fighters, or more fit…but your martial art […]

Back in the saddle again!

Fantastic first class. It’s a crazy feeling, starting out a new martial school and being in the black from day one. Our host location is fantastic, making us feel very welcome. It was great having a raft of new students to introduce the material too, and having enough old hands around to make things go […]