Instead of writing a blog post I spent the morning pouring through wordpress code looking for problems. Some of you may have come by the site and noticed, for a brief time, that it was re-branded as a twitter login page…or at least had many of those elements scattered about. I’ll skip the technical discussion. […]

Botte Segrete and the Real Eye

I still dream about learning the perfect attack, even though I know better. Most fencers do, even if they don’t think of it with the same words. The old fencing masters used to teach, for a hefty fee, a secret blow. An unstoppable strike. Arturo Pérez-Reverte even makes one the a central part of his excellent […]

Progressive Structure and the Art of Teaching

Scattered about me on the floor are printouts of Marozzo’s progression. A copy of Talhoffer propped in a little tent on a page I’d noted to follow up later. A translation of Fiore sneaks out from under “Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship” which is held down by Aldo Nadi’s “On Fencing.” The wall has a […]

Giant Killing

When I was 19, I was studying Hung Gar Gung Fu. I trained really hard, five or six days a week, lots of weight training and full-contact work. At one point I was working graveyards at a 7-11 in what seemed like a nice neighborhood but turned into hell itself after midnight. Being the only […]

Sprint, Box, Fence…

Ramped up the training in class last night, just a little. Since our December start, most students have made it to every class, which means they are starting to really show the results of the hard training. It’s not just the tough exercises that are challenging, it’s the variations of pacing I put them through. […]

Move, break, run…stand

You ask someone to work on posture, and the first thing they do is stand still. They try to freeze in place. Tell that to a martial artist, and they freeze into a stance and try to make sure they have a straight back, maybe check their balance as well if they have experience. Historical […]