Instead of writing a blog post I spent the morning pouring through wordpress code looking for problems. Some of you may have come by the site and noticed, for a brief time, that it was re-branded as a twitter login page…or at least had many of those elements scattered about.

I’ll skip the technical discussion. I fixed the issue. I thought at first the site was showing the results of a failed hacking attempt, similar to the previous one. A few minutes work showed the problem coming from the part of the sidebar that shows my most recent tweets, so I disabled that, and then started plowing through the rest of the code. Half an hour of that showed no problems, so I started searching google…and found that Twitter was having some problems on it’s end. So that plugin is gone from the site, and now I need to re-code the site to stop widget CSS from taking over again the next time…oh…I said no technical discussion. Sorry. It broke and I fixed it, yay.

But that killed today’s window for quietly thinking about writing for the day. And now I have to pack and prep for class tonight. Harrumph. Back to business as usual tomorrow…

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  1. Yeah, I’m trying to run my sites with as few plugins as possible now. The more I have the more they break.

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