Modern Chivalry

I fell flat on my ass, and I’m still not sure how that happened. Working with “Gunslinger” Van Humbeck, I’d opened with a clever lead. Single sword against sword and dagger, I chose to launch a thrust in terza to the inside, just next to his dagger. As my tip cleared his dagger, I snapped […]

Balance, Timing, and the War.

The problem with most martial arts teaching, especially in written form, stems from a basic misunderstanding. In order for me to explain the technique I want to teach, I have to break it down. I have to talk about the separate steps. If I want to teach a parry-riposte, I will talk about an opponent […]

Grappling with Wrestling

Coffee and pain are my morning companions today. I’m reviewing the entire class in my head, trying to catalog each iota of pain to a particular activity. Forearms ache from a nasty balance position. Knees are bruised from landing hard during a sprint variation. Back is a mass of pain from trying to do pushups […]

Mixing Martial Arts: Swords, Fists, and Sexuality

It’s been a historic weekend for martial arts. Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche tore it up in the first UFC women’s Bantamweight championship. It was a great fight…Rousey was the expected winner, and won the way that a lot of people predicted, but it wasn’t a walkover. Rousey earned the win after surviving a truly […]

Boxing Marozzo

We had a complex technique to learn, so I decided to start the class out with warm up drills. In theory, an angled off-line step is a simple thing, even with a passing step. In practice…much more complex. Facing an eager opponent with a sword pointed in your face, and planning to step forward as […]

Fight Rhythm

I suppose we run an unusual class. Hearing that we teach fencing, and sticking your head in the door to see what a class looks like, it’s not going to be what you expect. The first thing you might notice is the music. It varies, but it’s always playing, and always something with a rhythm […]