Off for a week

I’m taking a brief break from writing daily blog posts. I’ve been under a bit of stress lately, and forcing out the daily posts has resulted in a drop in quality that I’m not quite willing to put up with. So…I’m gonna take a week off, recharge my batteries. Maybe do some of the other […]

Methods From No Manual

Everyone should have a vision of what they want out of martial arts training. It’s one of those rare things in life that you have a modicum of control over. You can lose your job, your family, wealth, reputation, home…uproot your entire life and start over, and you can still follow your dream of martial […]

Movement and Building the Coiled Spring

Class before last I was without a partner, and watching the rest of the students go through a drill. I couldn’t stop bouncing. I was full of energy…already past the first hour of heavy work, but still raring to go. It wasn’t excess energy or tension that I was trying to release. It was just […]

A look behind the doors

If we had doors to hide behind, anyways… Putting together the first promo clip for the Valkyrie WMA Assembly was a bit of a challenge. Our camera has been busy. I leave it on a table at the side of class, and encourage students to take a few shots if they are sitting out or […]

Token Resistance

No secret that people like to talk about my blog posts, and not so surprising that some people really dislike them. Recently, in a discussion elsewhere about one of my posts, someone wrote an off-hand comment that I assumed was directed at me, to the effect that people shouldn’t listen to someone who chooses to […]

Broken Lances and the Children of Hell

There were about seventy five people on the field, and after the sides settled out, we had about a third the number of the other side. We had a slight edge in experienced fighters, and it was one of my only opportunities to actually be in charge of the troops. I’d been hitting the history […]