A look behind the doors

If we had doors to hide behind, anyways…

Putting together the first promo clip for the Valkyrie WMA Assembly was a bit of a challenge. Our camera has been busy. I leave it on a table at the side of class, and encourage students to take a few shots if they are sitting out or taking a break. Since December, I’ve downloaded over four thousand shots from the camera, and a few dozen videos. None of us are photographers, so it takes a few hundred shots to do what a pro could do in one or two…

I still had to make some decisions about what to showcase. It would nice to share some of the workout. Lots of people ask about our boxing, and the 5×5 drill, so it would be nice to show that as well. I could show off the drills and detail work of the students, or show their talent in sparring.

In the end I decided to showcase what I feel makes up the real heart of our classes: Fun. We are an exuberant, enthusiastic group who take immense pleasure in our training. The training can be tough,  physically (and very much mentally) draining, so we like to blow off a little steam with silliness. So here we are, having fun. Showing off for each other, falling, goofing around, trying things way above our technical abilities, and generally having a lark.

Enjoy. There will be much more coming.

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  1. Nice to see you lot moving! Good stuff. Looks like fun.

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