Detail Work

It’s helpful, every few classes, to throw the normal patterns out and spend the night just cleaning things up. Lots of fighting teaches the body little lessons that aren’t always good for the long term development of the fighter. You want to be efficient when fighting, so you learn tiny little cheat habits that make things easier for you. Successfully landing a hit tends to make you throw that hit repeatedly. Stretching is a powerful tool for realigning the body. When we do a clean-up class, like last night, we start with stretching. Our stretching is done a little different…we don’t just lengthen the muscles, we make active use of contraction of the opposing muscle to pull the muscle to as much of a limit as we can. Working alternating cycles of expansion and contraction…say, contracting the bicep to stretch the triceps, and then contracting the triceps to stretch theā€¦

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