It’s windy here today. A rare spring windstorm is tearing the place up. Clear blue skies and warm sun, and our cedar hedge is tipping over a risky angle. The tall pine across the road is dancing a long counterpoint to the snappy percussive moves of the street zelkovas. And between all of that, the […]


I used to fight like a rabbit. Being a small guy in a world of giants, I learned to move fast. I’d hit hard and dart right back out, dodging every shot that came at me. I built a fight style around the speediest and safest shots I could throw, and tried to never let […]

Bruises, and A Shot To The Face

Way back when I was feeling like a hot shot rapier fighter, traveling around and hitting tournaments all over, I had a revelation. I had just wrapped up a solid class, and was feeling pretty damned proud of myself. I got in a ton of fights with a lot of people, and had done well. […]

Naked Fencing

Every morning before I get writing, I spend a little time in reflection. I try not to plan out my posts, but just write from whatever spark seems to drift up from that quiet time. Sometimes it’s quick…an idea will hit me in a minute or two, and I hit the keyboard right away. Other […]

A little spring in the step

Spring, and coincidence or not, we are hitting a turnover point at the school. Real life, as is the way, has claimed some students. And a number of new people have shown interest, in the usual balance of things. I love putting a sword in someone’s hand for the first time. It’s such a good […]

Entropy and the Law of Fencing

I’ve always had an odd envy of the dedicated…the “real”…historical fencers. The people that spend so much time not just parsing a system down to it’s atomic elements, but reconstructing those bits into solid decision trees. They build an impeccable logic for each choice, and can back it up with chapter and verse quotes. The […]