Dogged Delays

The warehouse I work part time at has been moving to a new location the last few days, and we’ll be spending all of today getting operations back up and running. This means one more day of full time work, and likely one more tomorrow. Sadly, it does mean no interesting blog posts til probably Monday. A few days of full time pay is nice, but it does kill my ability to write a proper daily post. Or eat properly, for that matter. I do not miss having a heavy labour job, I must say.

Classes are going well.  Numbers are a bit down, but there is renewed interest coming in from potential students. Should balance out. The pioneer students are ready for their first level exam, which should happen soon-ish. I just have to work the schedule and look over the exam to see if there is anything I am missing. We are also due for a stretching class, probably next Monday. Or tonight. We’ll see how evil I feel. We don’t do stretches like other people, we do active muscle lengthening. It’s a bit painful, but you get nice results.

Right. Gotta run. Things to lift and build. Ugh…


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