End Of May

Nice busy class last night, with a full floor. New faces and lots of old faces coming by, a real blast from the past. It was a great class, and an excellent way to wrap up the first phase of Valkyrie. Our little incubation period is over, and now the real growth starts. We’d been […]

Explorers, Pioneers, and Settlers

The back of my head is full of dreams locked away, visions buried in the hope of different times to come. I had the motivation to learn when I was younger, but means and circumstances taught me to compromise. I would have loved to have been the obedient and hungry student of a master instructor, […]

Face Value

I’m a huge fan of the gay pride movement, and how it became an equal rights movement. I even love the overtly-sexual pride parades. I also really love the feminist movement these days, with it’s smart attacks on subtle assumptions about sexism. I’m a supporter of these things in a selfish way…they will result in […]

Workout for the win

Why waste your time working out when you can spend that time drilling on your martial arts techniques? Twenty minutes of calisthenics is twenty minutes of precious class time taken away from honing lunges or cuts. Our classes put a strong emphasis on exercise, and we catch grief for that online. The best thing people […]

Popping By For A Visit

I love swinging by other martial arts clubs. It’s always fascinating to see how other people train. Even when it’s a style you know very well, there is still the unique gestalt of the teacher and her students to make things fascinating. I used to make a habit out of taking the free drop-in beginner […]