Bitter Beans Make Smooth Coffee

Let’s say I open up a small coffee shop. I have world class baristas, the best beans and machines money can buy, and we make utterly killer coffee. Business is slow but good. But then a new neighbour moves in and starts competing. It’s not Starbucks, it’s a McDonalds “Bistro” franchise. They sell something they […]

Bitter Words and Black Hearts

A couple of months ago, we hit our favourite after-class eatery. It was a biggish class, and we over-filled a booth with a table added on at the end. The food was wonderful, the booze was better. Everyone was feeling good and accomplished, and we were merrily chatting away. As sometimes happens, the talk turned […]

Strong Body

Strength is everything. It’s the key to real mobility. It’s the key to a balanced and happy body. Real flexibility comes from strength, as does speed. Athletic ability in general can be seen as nothing more than a quest for idealized strength. To me, the difference between a fat person and an overweight person is […]

Healthy Body

Rough week for a number of friends of mine. A person who spanned a few communities and was friends with my friends passed away suddenly in his sleep. I remotely watched an online outpouring of grief happen, followed by a celebration of life, and it got me thinking. This person, who I don’t ever recall […]