Cut and Thrust and Step

Cutting was next up in our basics rotation last class. The idea was to spend the first five minutes or so of the rapier portion of class just doing a simple review drill, and then moving on to the lesson for the night. I had a more rigid technical practice planned for a follow-up, but […]

The Long Path of Measure Control

When someone comes to our classes with a background in unarmed martial arts, they’ve got a hard road ahead of them. Depending on the length of time they’ve been training, they may have to deal with overcoming a trained reflex that gets them into some trouble. Japanese or Korean style striking martial arts actually lend […]

Beauty and The Beast

  Being pretty means you win at life. That’s how it works. If you are born with the right genetics for the time, it’s like being born to the right family. You will have advantages in life. You will win where others fail, with no effort needed. The Stoics disregarded beauty, amongst other things. It […]

Learn to Love the Bomb, Or At Least Stop the Hate

Two interesting articles popped up in my news feed towards the end of last week, and kind of stuck in my head. The first was a study on obese people, comparing some brain imaging with that of non-obese people. It was a small study, and therefor of only limited value, but pointing in good directions […]