Month: March 2014

Fighter 2.0

Now it’s time to get better. For better or for worse, today, you are the fighter you have made yourself into. It’s time to get better. Or else maybe consider taking up cello, or calligraphy or something. To improve, you need to understand precisely where you are now. The most common flaw in fighters is […]

An Introduction

This is my first-ever attempt at a blog post, so bear with me. A couple of days ago, it was suggested that we add the voices of one or more Valkyrie WMAA students to Box Wrestle Fence. It occurred to me that my voice could provide an interesting counterpoint to David’s. Before this past September, my martial […]

Post Assessment

First run of assessments done. Rapier sparring took up our entire night on the previous Monday, and the wrestling assessments completely destroyed the whole class and left us exhausted enough that we finished class a half hour early on Thursday. It will take me another week to work through all the video footage, alone and […]