Teaching Tempo and Deception

My favourite part of teaching has to be those nights when the students figure something out on their own. We’ve been hitting movement a lot lately, discussing tempo in fencing. Exploring up from invitations and parries, developing the riposte, and graduating up to the remise and reprise. I’ve been explaining these as essential parts of the usual rapier single-time attack. By understanding the mechanics of these double-time actions, you can start to see the underlying structure of how an opponent actually reacts in combat. The subtle openings for single-time attacks and counters can then been seen in the void spots between the opponents actions. Around this, in our boxing we’ve been working through tempo actions as well, working from the techniques of Ernesto Hoost and Joe Louis. Through their teachings, we see how to set up tempos through footwork, creating angulations and openings by stepping and predicting opponent reactions. Takeā€¦

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