April 9 Tournament Wrap-up

Valkyrie had it’s first tournament just a little less than two weeks ago. Results can be found on our facebook page, and I talked about the format in a previous blog post. It’s been enough time that I’m able to put together some thoughts about how it went, and what we will change with the […]

Tourney Time

The bulk of my rapier training, before moving into full-time teaching, was for tournament fighting. At my peak, I think in a two year period I hit about 70 tournaments. Never won one, but towards the end I had a consistent habit of second place or at least in the finals. The preceding years saw […]

I Saw This Happen…

Sometimes people don’t take the right precautions. They leave the house without thinking of their defense, and they pay for it with their lives. I’ve seen it happen. It didn’t have to. If they had know how to use their art right, they could have saved themselves. Which is one way of reading the introduction […]

Cascadia North 2012: Greatest Hits – The Rough Cut

I decided to bite the bullet and upload some footage from the 2012 edition of Cascadia North. I’ve been sitting on most of the footage while I looked for a chance to properly edit it down to a nice short catchy video. Free time seems to be lacking these days, so…here’s a wee peek! And […]

Bunnies, bloopers, and slow work.

Let’s start with the good stuff today. Kaja Sadowski, who wrote the hugely popular “Turning Expectations” guest post, has started an Indiegogo campaign for her other project: Starlit Citadel Reviews. When she’s not fencing, Kaja works in the gaming business. She and Joanna Gaskell started doing these video reviews a year ago, and they are […]