Broken Lances and the Children of Hell

There were about seventy five people on the field, and after the sides settled out, we had about a third the number of the other side. We had a slight edge in experienced fighters, and it was one of my only opportunities to actually be in charge of the troops. I’d been hitting the history […]

Coming to grips with the knife

Prepping for the new school again, and working over some of the material. As always, this means digging up my notes on Marozzo, checking what’s up with the latest translations, and re-reading the original. With Marozzo, I found my key to understanding him best comes from his self-defense section at the back. It mirrors the […]

From the Archives: Secrets of Edges

Shaving with a straight razor is an excellent education for a swordsman. You learn to be decisive, as the blade is so sharp that if you pause while in contact with the skin, you can bleed. And you learn your limits as well, because if you are tired, grumpy, or lazy, you will bleed. You […]

Once were tough

Calgary is a special town… Just before I get to that, a little heads up. This post is scheduled later than usual. I’m about to start the process of transitioning out of night work. I quit my day(night) job to write. I’m not stupid so I’ve landed myself a part time job to cover expenses, […]

From the archives: Ruminations on a Duel

Dug up from the archives, originally posted on another blog a few years ago. Part One It’s been about two years, so I think a retrospect is in order. Mostly to clear up some misunderstandings, but also to share what I learned from the experience. I’ll add conclusions at the end. It started with Justin […]

First lesson of swordplay…

What you learn in your first few classes is what you fall back on. I always keep this in mind when teaching new students. Nothing will ever define a students style more than what they learn in those crucial first lessons. My crucial lessons came from Sean Irwin. The local SCA practice used a system […]