The Cost of Doubt

Doubt costs repetitions. The time you spend thinking about how to do something, or what you have done wrong, or even if there is a better way to do something, is time you spend not doing something. Success in athletic endeavors can be correlated to volume. Working on handstands, the students with the best handstands, […]

Leaving the Past Behind

I don’t know why Achille Marozzo wrote his New Work on swordplay. I know the result of it, but I don’t know what made him sit down and put that first mark on the page. I know what it’s like to teach martial arts. I know what it’s like to write, and what it’s like […]

Better Right or Wrong?

What’s better: Aikido or BJJ? A classical Japanese martial art that puts a heavy emphasis on wrist locks, or a slightly more modern Brazilian art with an emphasis on ground work and constant testing in tournament environments? Have a discussion online, and it’s going to be near-unanimous. BJJ wins every time. Look at the UFC, […]