Valkyrie Women

The Valkyrie ladies are getting tired of beating up men in class. They have decided we needed to recruit more women, and our current method of reaching students doesn’t seem to be working. So, they put together this video in order to recruit more women to their cause. Please share it around.

Where The Wild Things Are

At Valkyrie, our semi-official motto is “We Make Monsters.” “Monsters” means a few things to us. The obvious is that after almost a year of our unique physical training, we’ve made some impressive gains in athleticism and martial prowess. Shirts that were loose a year ago barely fit our shoulders now. I remember getting into […]

Hogwash and Bullshit

The internet has reached a point of being predictable. At least, in the comments sections of every website. I saw a post today regarding a huge storm about to hit Hong Kong, and I don’t need to read the comments. The same species of lame humour attempts will fill up most of the space, next […]

A Little More Film Fun

The new phone has a handy built-in video highlight feature. Just had to try it out in class last night, and share the results with you guys. A little swordplay: A smidge more of our workouts: And a little bit more of the whole class: Apparently the software uses some complexity juggling […]

A look behind the doors

If we had doors to hide behind, anyways… Putting together the first promo clip for the Valkyrie WMA Assembly was a bit of a challenge. Our camera has been busy. I leave it on a table at the side of class, and encourage students to take a few shots if they are sitting out or […]

Cascadia North 2012: Greatest Hits – The Rough Cut

I decided to bite the bullet and upload some footage from the 2012 edition of Cascadia North. I’ve been sitting on most of the footage while I looked for a chance to properly edit it down to a nice short catchy video. Free time seems to be lacking these days, so…here’s a wee peek! And […]