East and West and Up

Worf and Squeak were back in class last night, freshly jet lagged from visiting Austria and Poland. It says something about dedication to training to be hitting class less than 24 hours after touchdown. I fell asleep last night reflecting on the odd dedication we all have to our class. If someone misses a week […]

Methods From No Manual

Everyone should have a vision of what they want out of martial arts training. It’s one of those rare things in life that you have a modicum of control over. You can lose your job, your family, wealth, reputation, home…uproot your entire life and start over, and you can still follow your dream of martial […]

Pruning for correct growth

The art we love is on the verge of tremendous growth, despite the best intentions of some in the community. Wherever I go with my sword, I run across interested people. Mostly they just whisper off to the side, but it’s a rare day when someone doesn’t come up and ask me if that’s really […]

The good, the bad, and the oh-hell-no…

It was cold yesterday, and the forecast called for clear skies. It was sunny all day. When I went out last night to take the garbage out, it was the right kind of cloud. Bright…the kind you get in the cities when all the streetlights reflect off of the bottom of the clouds, and cast […]

Week 51, Year of the Naked Bear

Let’s try something a little different. I’ve been trying to take one day a week off from blog writing, but I always feel a smidge bad about not writing on that day. I’m going to try doing an overview of the previous week. Should be an aid to those of you who only read sporadically […]

Cascadia North 2012: Greatest Hits – The Rough Cut

I decided to bite the bullet and upload some footage from the 2012 edition of Cascadia North. I’ve been sitting on most of the footage while I looked for a chance to properly edit it down to a nice short catchy video. Free time seems to be lacking these days, so…here’s a wee peek! And […]