Protection and Pain: Finding the Balance

In the picture above you can see two Valkyrie coaches going at with Cold Steel plastic Bowie trainers, and wearing partial High Gear body armour suits. High Gear suits are awesome. We are incredibly lucky to have a pair of these suits at the school. Each suit provides a set of wrist-to-instep protection that is […]

East and West and Up

Worf and Squeak were back in class last night, freshly jet lagged from visiting Austria and Poland. It says something about dedication to training to be hitting class less than 24 hours after touchdown. I fell asleep last night reflecting on the odd dedication we all have to our class. If someone misses a week […]

Up to our necks in it

Ripped a cow in half yesterday. Tore into it like a pack of velociraptors. Sectioned it off, scattered it amongst us, cut it to shape. Started with half a cow actually. It’s skin, to be a little more honest. A full side of tooling leather. Six gorgets for the class, to start. After that maybe […]

A question about safety

In response to my post yesterday, Steve Silva asked a question about the apparent lack of safety gear in the video. In my response, as usual, I went off on a bit of a tangent and used up all my blog writing time for today. So I’ll share my response with all of you, so […]