Mothers. They’re so … tactful. I was a few days into the visit with my parents in June when my mother asked something that had clearly been on her mind for most of them. “So… why don’t you have a flat stomach? I mean, with all the exercise stuff you’ve been doing…” For the record, […]


Seven days left in our official fundraising campaign, three days before we need the funds, we’ve hit…and exceeded…our goal of raising half the fund we need for a years worth of insurance. Now we’re into the stretch goal, and starting to think about covering all the insurance, and getting some more loaner gear for students. […]

With reasonable fitness…

You should be able to: go for a two hour ramble with a friend at the drop of a hat, no water, no workout clothes, just a nice long walk. support your body weight on your fingertips, if only for a moment. sprint full out for at least five seconds without feeling like it’s really […]

Adding things up

Had a great bike ride on the weekend. Headed out past the airport. Stopped at the last bit of land before the Pacific, and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. Snapped a few pictures with my phone. Courtney took a few pictures of me. We went home. I looked through the pictures yesterday, and they were […]

Sixty pound cupcake

I ate a cupcake today. And even thought I’m overweight and a nutrition coach, I felt no guilt. We were up the hill at a small local farmers market, and someone was selling baked goods. I saw cupcakes with sprinkles on top. They were real, old-fashioned home-made cupcakes, not those crappy abominations they sell at […]

Wednesday WTF: Strong is Beautiful

Anger. I have it. I love these Wednesday posts. The timing just seems to be right for me to vent and get some crap out of my system. Well, to get out some of the crap the system has put in my head. The system, BTW, is you…we all participate. Let’s get a little smarter […]