Valkyrie Women

The Valkyrie ladies are getting tired of beating up men in class. They have decided we needed to recruit more women, and our current method of reaching students doesn’t seem to be working. So, they put together this video in order to recruit more women to their cause. Please share it around.

Kick In the Ribs

Valkyrie WMA had it’s first all-sparring class last night. No workout, no¬† lessons, just fighting, all night long. It was a blast. With our recent heat wave, the school was baking hot. The door was kicked open for breeze, and we had a huge industrial floor fan blasting fresh outside air in, but the wooden […]

Jab, Hook…and Cut

Jab. Jab. Jab. Over and over, feet moving around, playing at measure, dodging each shot that comes back at you. Constantly sticking that left hand in your opponents’ face, over and over. Watching for the subtle signs, watching for you opponent to anticipate, to plan a counter that will actually land…that’s your moment. The moment […]

Boxing Marozzo

We had a complex technique to learn, so I decided to start the class out with warm up drills. In theory, an angled off-line step is a simple thing, even with a passing step. In practice…much more complex. Facing an eager opponent with a sword pointed in your face, and planning to step forward as […]