Seven days left in our official fundraising campaign, three days before we need the funds, we’ve hit…and exceeded…our goal of raising half the fund we need for a years worth of insurance. Now we’re into the stretch goal, and starting to think about covering all the insurance, and getting some more loaner gear for students. […]

Adding things up

Had a great bike ride on the weekend. Headed out past the airport. Stopped at the last bit of land before the Pacific, and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. Snapped a few pictures with my phone. Courtney took a few pictures of me. We went home. I looked through the pictures yesterday, and they were […]

Sixty pound cupcake

I ate a cupcake today. And even thought I’m overweight and a nutrition coach, I felt no guilt. We were up the hill at a small local farmers market, and someone was selling baked goods. I saw cupcakes with sprinkles on top. They were real, old-fashioned home-made cupcakes, not those crappy abominations they sell at […]