Evolution is a trust issue

It was in the middle of a session of sumo wrestling that I suddenly realized I was strong. Stronger that most people, actually. I was tied up with Adam Lein, who had just barreled into me and was working for a grip. I was doing the usual thing I do…trying to counter his movements, trying […]

A question about safety

In response to my post yesterday, Steve Silva asked a question about the apparent lack of safety gear in the video. In my response, as usual, I went off on a bit of a tangent and used up all my blog writing time for today. So I’ll share my response with all of you, so […]

Cascadia North 2012: Greatest Hits – The Rough Cut

I decided to bite the bullet and upload some footage from the 2012 edition of Cascadia North. I’ve been sitting on most of the footage while I looked for a chance to properly edit it down to a nice short catchy video. Free time seems to be lacking these days, so…here’s a wee peek! And […]

This Is What We Call Fun

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From the archives: Ruminations on a Duel

Dug up from the archives, originally posted on another blog a few years ago. Part One It’s been about two years, so I think a retrospect is in order. Mostly to clear up some misunderstandings, but also to share what I learned from the experience. I’ll add conclusions at the end. It started with Justin […]

CNAT Finale

I woke up with the sun Saturday morning, had a yurt all to myself. I drank some water, got dressed, and did my morning workout on the wooden floor. Went over my class notes, read a little, wrote a few brief notes. It was peaceful and quiet, I felt completely alone and calm. Grabbed my […]