Completely unexpected WTF Wednesday

Short post today. My bike commute, during a sudden and vicious thunderstorm, was interrupted by the sudden need to go ass over teakettle slightly after meeting a car. The driver of the car was one of those sharp fellows who think that stop signs are only meant for occasional use. He was also of the […]

Adding things up

Had a great bike ride on the weekend. Headed out past the airport. Stopped at the last bit of land before the Pacific, and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. Snapped a few pictures with my phone. Courtney took a few pictures of me. We went home. I looked through the pictures yesterday, and they were […]

Listening for performance

I made the big switch yesterday. I moved from regular pedals to clip-in pedals with proper cycling shoes. The transition was unpleasant. I’ve only been using the bike on the 12km commute to work for about three weeks, but apparently that was just long enough to build up some body habits. I’d already noticed that […]