From the archives: Ruminations on a Duel

Dug up from the archives, originally posted on another blog a few years ago. Part One It’s been about two years, so I think a retrospect is in order. Mostly to clear up some misunderstandings, but also to share what I learned from the experience. I’ll add conclusions at the end. It started with Justin […]

First lesson of swordplay…

What you learn in your first few classes is what you fall back on. I always keep this in mind when teaching new students. Nothing will ever define a students style more than what they learn in those crucial first lessons. My crucial lessons came from Sean Irwin. The local SCA practice used a system […]

Gonna take my sword and fix hollywood…eventually

I’ve always loved movies. One of my earliest memories is going to a drive-in double feature of “Enter the Dragon” and “Three Musketeers.” My dad was a theatre projectionist for many years. Every moment I could I spent hanging out in the projection booth, watching the magic happen. I love movies, but I hate what […]

From the Archives: A Walk Through Marozzo, concluded.

Good morning! Here we go again. This was a project I meant to finish, but never got permission from the sources. I figured I was stretching fair use to its limits with what I had done, so I let the project die. C’est la vie. In the last year William Wilson published the excellent “16th […]

From the Archives: A Walk Through Marozzo

Wrote this series of posts about a year ago. Some of my thinking has changed, but I think it’s worth sharing again. First chunk today, the last bit Sunday morning. If this post inspires you, and you want to learn more about Bolognese Swordplay, check out the Scherma-Bolognese website. It’s interesting for me to read […]

One day in the desert

I was in the desert when I first heard the name “Marozzo.” It was about the third day of fighting in the dust. I was making the rounds of all the name fighters, getting in a few bouts with all of them. I did a few enjoyable passes with a guy from Saskatchewan, and asked […]