There is a current and recurrent thread amongst HEMA and other martial arts disciplines that mocks the fat instructor. It’s one of those things that everyone feels comfortable jumping in on. Five years ago I dropped 50lbs. It was just after finishing my Precision Nutrition certification. One of the most common things you will hear […]


Mothers. They’re so … tactful. I was a few days into the visit with my parents in June when my mother asked something that had clearly been on her mind for most of them. “So… why don’t you have a flat stomach? I mean, with all the exercise stuff you’ve been doing…” For the record, […]

Learn to Love the Bomb, Or At Least Stop the Hate

Two interesting articles popped up in my news feed towards the end of last week, and kind of stuck in my head. The first was a study on obese people, comparing some brain imaging with that of non-obese people. It was a small study, and therefor of only limited value, but pointing in good directions […]

One Thing Leads To Another

Deeper and deeper. Kind of a Fixx sort of morning. It’s coming up on nine months since we started up Valkyrie. I think the biggest change can be seen in my morning coffee. I’ve somehow become the kind of person who adds creatine to his coffee. I also enjoy taking a sixteen hour fast three […]

Healthy Body

Rough week for a number of friends of mine. A person who spanned a few communities and was friends with my friends passed away suddenly in his sleep. I remotely watched an online outpouring of grief happen, followed by a celebration of life, and it got me thinking. This person, who I don’t ever recall […]

With reasonable fitness…

You should be able to: go for a two hour ramble with a friend at the drop of a hat, no water, no workout clothes, just a nice long walk. support your body weight on your fingertips, if only for a moment. sprint full out for at least five seconds without feeling like it’s really […]