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An Introduction

This is my first-ever attempt at a blog post, so bear with me. A couple of days ago, it was suggested that we add the voices of one or more Valkyrie WMAA students to Box Wrestle Fence. It occurred to me that my voice could provide an interesting counterpoint to David’s. Before this past September, my martial […]

Post Assessment

First run of assessments done. Rapier sparring took up our entire night on the previous Monday, and the wrestling assessments completely destroyed the whole class and left us exhausted enough that we finished class a half hour early on Thursday. It will take me another week to work through all the video footage, alone and […]

Why Be Fit?

Seems like a stupid question, doesn’t it? Why be fit? Why wouldn’t you want to be fit? Sometimes the answer that if given to that question is “because I want to be a better martial artist!” which implies that fitness is somehow a wasted expense, time shot sweating when you could instead be drilling on […]