I Saw This Happen…

Sometimes people don’t take the right precautions. They leave the house without thinking of their defense, and they pay for it with their lives. I’ve seen it happen. It didn’t have to. If they had know how to use their art right, they could have saved themselves. Which is one way of reading the introduction […]

Leaving the Past Behind

I don’t know why Achille Marozzo wrote his New Work on swordplay. I know the result of it, but I don’t know what made him sit down and put that first mark on the page. I know what it’s like to teach martial arts. I know what it’s like to write, and what it’s like […]

Cut and Thrust and Step

Cutting was next up in our basics rotation last class. The idea was to spend the first five minutes or so of the rapier portion of class just doing a simple review drill, and then moving on to the lesson for the night. I had a more rigid technical practice planned for a follow-up, but […]

The Wolf Lord of Blades Goes Down Under

Runs Crocodile Dundee through, takes the girl, and wonders anyone would bring a knife to a sword fight. But now I’m stepping out of my brief attempt at a Game of Thrones setting. What can you expect? It is Monday morning, after all. I’ve had coffee, but no breakfast. And I’ve been putting off this […]

The Wolf Lord Of Blades Takes A Shot

As a teacher, you learn a lot from blank stares. The kind of stares you get when you clearly describe a simple technique, smile at the students and look around expecting to see nods and the desire to get drilling. Instead…instead you get the blank look, the look that tells you no one got it. […]

The Wolf Lord of Blades Takes An Extra Step

Apologies for missing yesterday’s post. I spent the morning working with my brother and his excellent landscaping crew, bombing very heavy trees up a difficult series of grades. We had a heavy duty dolly built just for carry root balls, but it still took six of us to drive the first of them up the […]