And the winner is…

To be honest, I think my first tournament experience probably soured me on the entire experience. I think I was sixteen, and training in Shotokan Karate-do. The tournament was a local one, open to all the Karate schools in town. I was just old enough to compete in the adult beginner, and was paired off […]

Self defense, minus the ninja attacks

The best self-defense lesson I ever learned was from a woman who asked me to teach her a few things. She lived in a sketchy part of a sketchy city. We had a few days together, and she knew my background. Her background was in medicine. She said she’d had some bad run-ins, and would […]

Is Chivalry dead? Sexism and Swordplay

My morning routine was starting nicely. I woke up just after 3pm (I work graveyards,) had breakfast, made coffee, planned to do some housework and prep dinner for when my fiancĂ©e got home. I give myself a free hour everyday to catch up on the interwebs. Things went sideways. I was reading an Academie Duello […]

Get up and move

I remember sharing a hotel room with my ex-wife, and my training partner. It was a major tournament, and my partner was fighting terminal cancer. At this point, she had not shared her condition with anyone outside of her family, except for a small group of very close friends. She wanted to prove some thing […]


Short post today, because man, is it lovely and sunny out. Courtney and I hopped on the bikes, and spent five hours roaming around Granville Island and environs. Delicious double-butter croissants, peaberry coffee done by someone who really knows how to drive a Clover, and a few indulgent treats from Chocolate Arts. Swordplay is an […]

Swordplay and Perception

We’d been on horseback since early morning. The day had started cool and beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. We plodded along next to the fenceline all morning, stopping once in a while for a quick repair. By noon we were on our way down into the valley, and the prairie sun was brutal. […]