Threading the Needle

Capoferro has always been the father system. Marozzo is our grandfather. SCA rapier fencing was a mess, a Darwinian hot pool that ate the weak and pitted the strong against each other, but it was too hot to allow the truly good to solidify out into teachable style. It creates strong individuals, but eats any […]

Iron and Speed

The Valkyrie workout took a long time to develop, with a lot of stumbles on the way. Until I had a recent discussion with someone online about the relative value of bodyweight training vs weight training for martial arts, I’d sort of forgotten how I got to where I am in my fitness thinking. Thinking […]

Making Up Class on the Fly

Writing a blog post is a lot harder that creating a class to teach for the night. As I sit around in the morning, sipping my coffee with the deadline ticking ever closer, I have to think about what I want to write. Some days it’s easy. I hit the keyboard with my focus in […]

One year, plus one day.

A few years ago I was lying on my back, on the cold asphalt ground, screaming, staring at my right leg in utter disbelief… – Letting Go: Martial Arts Mind I wrote that almost a year ago.  I started writing posts on this blog before that…actually yesterday was the blogs official one year anniversary. I […]

Explorers, Pioneers, and Settlers

The back of my head is full of dreams locked away, visions buried in the hope of different times to come. I had the motivation to learn when I was younger, but means and circumstances taught me to compromise. I would have loved to have been the obedient and hungry student of a master instructor, […]