Gonna take my sword and fix hollywood…eventually

I’ve always loved movies. One of my earliest memories is going to a drive-in double feature of “Enter the Dragon” and “Three Musketeers.” My dad was a theatre projectionist for many years. Every moment I could I spent hanging out in the projection booth, watching the magic happen. I love movies, but I hate what […]

Peace, love, and swordplay

One of the most courageous things I’ve ever done was slap my bare hand down on a piece of dried animal skin. It made a noise. A noise other people heard. And I was being judged on that noise. I’ve always been a shy person. And despite my years of guitar playing, I’ve always been […]

Self defense, minus the ninja attacks

The best self-defense lesson I ever learned was from a woman who asked me to teach her a few things. She lived in a sketchy part of a sketchy city. We had a few days together, and she knew my background. Her background was in medicine. She said she’d had some bad run-ins, and would […]

Sixty pound cupcake

I ate a cupcake today. And even thought I’m overweight and a nutrition coach, I felt no guilt. We were up the hill at a small local farmers market, and someone was selling baked goods. I saw cupcakes with sprinkles on top. They were real, old-fashioned home-made cupcakes, not those crappy abominations they sell at […]

Is Chivalry dead? Sexism and Swordplay

My morning routine was starting nicely. I woke up just after 3pm (I work graveyards,) had breakfast, made coffee, planned to do some housework and prep dinner for when my fiancĂ©e got home. I give myself a free hour everyday to catch up on the interwebs. Things went sideways. I was reading an Academie Duello […]

Wednesday WTF: Strong is Beautiful

Anger. I have it. I love these Wednesday posts. The timing just seems to be right for me to vent and get some crap out of my system. Well, to get out some of the crap the system has put in my head. The system, BTW, is you…we all participate. Let’s get a little smarter […]