Back from five days on the road. And working my ninth or tenth day in a row today. Not as bad as it seems since I only work part time, but I’m tired. I’d hoped my brain would be refreshed enough to do some quality writing today, but I fear that’s not going to happen. […]

Hogwash and Bullshit

The internet has reached a point of being predictable. At least, in the comments sections of every website. I saw a post today regarding a huge storm about to hit Hong Kong, and I don’t need to read the comments. The same species of lame humour attempts will fill up most of the space, next […]

Bitter Words and Black Hearts

A couple of months ago, we hit our favourite after-class eatery. It was a biggish class, and we over-filled a booth with a table added on at the end. The food was wonderful, the booze was better. Everyone was feeling good and accomplished, and we were merrily chatting away. As sometimes happens, the talk turned […]

Healthy Body

Rough week for a number of friends of mine. A person who spanned a few communities and was friends with my friends passed away suddenly in his sleep. I remotely watched an online outpouring of grief happen, followed by a celebration of life, and it got me thinking. This person, who I don’t ever recall […]