Matadora By the Numbers

We got a lot of excellent photos in last night’s class. It was in part due to a lack of equipment, which meant Courtney/She-hulk was able to use her talents with the camera to good effect. It was also partly due to the students. Our process of athletic development and heavy fighting tends to lead […]

Giant Killing

When I was 19, I was studying Hung Gar Gung Fu. I trained really hard, five or six days a week, lots of weight training and full-contact work. At one point I was working graveyards at a 7-11 in what seemed like a nice neighborhood but turned into hell itself after midnight. Being the only […]

Rape and Martial Arts Culture

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community recently had to deal with one of the biggest nightmares any martial arts organization would ever have to deal with: Two senior students raping another student. It brings up a million questions, but I think it’s important we take this event as an excuse to closely examine what happens in our […]

The good, the bad, and the oh-hell-no…

It was cold yesterday, and the forecast called for clear skies. It was sunny all day. When I went out last night to take the garbage out, it was the right kind of cloud. Bright…the kind you get in the cities when all the streetlights reflect off of the bottom of the clouds, and cast […]

Win, lose … or live

Aldo Nadi looks back with disdain. He says competitive fencing should be about scoring regardless of form, and jeers those who insisted that every fencer had to demonstrate excellence of form before being allowed to compete. Yet he allows that the process of exacting form produced stronger fighters than the modern crop, who lack correct […]

Coming to grips with the knife

Prepping for the new school again, and working over some of the material. As always, this means digging up my notes on Marozzo, checking what’s up with the latest translations, and re-reading the original. With Marozzo, I found my key to understanding him best comes from his self-defense section at the back. It mirrors the […]