The monkey knife fight

Many years ago one of my best friends took an exclusive bodyguarding course. Very high level, a little hush-hush, real serious stuff. The first class was kind of interesting. At one point the instructor had them sitting around and asked them if they thought they could beat up Mike Tyson. It was a class full […]

Completely unexpected WTF Wednesday

Short post today. My bike commute, during a sudden and vicious thunderstorm, was interrupted by the sudden need to go ass over teakettle slightly after meeting a car. The driver of the car was one of those sharp fellows who think that stop signs are only meant for occasional use. He was also of the […]

Sorry, was this your knife?

A few years ago I was doing my BC AST (advanced security training) course. It’s required in order to carry and use handcuffs at work. As part of the course, we were given more thorough lessons on the legalities of correct use of force. With this extra knowledge, we were then assumed able to make […]

Live by the sword…

There’s just something about a sword in the hand. I think Ridolfo Capo Ferro had it right when he said it was a perfect weapon for self defence. Shorter weapons lend themselves to nasty uses. Longer weapons are awkward, and best suited for war. He figured only the sword was really suited to “civil discourse.” […]

Self defense, minus the ninja attacks

The best self-defense lesson I ever learned was from a woman who asked me to teach her a few things. She lived in a sketchy part of a sketchy city. We had a few days together, and she knew my background. Her background was in medicine. She said she’d had some bad run-ins, and would […]