Cultivating Awareness

When I demonstrate a technique, I do want you to perform it the way I do. Last night we did wrestling, and explored some pinning movements from a couple of traditions. I try to show the technique clearly, and then break it down visually and verbally so that people can have the most understanding before […]

Valkyrie Women

The Valkyrie ladies are getting tired of beating up men in class. They have decided we needed to recruit more women, and our current method of reaching students doesn’t seem to be working. So, they put together this video in order to recruit more women to their cause. Please share it around.

Transition to the Bridge

You see the knife in the hand, and all your training tells you to do anything other than what you are about to do. Block, parry, run, kick, grab the hand and wrest the knife away…anything other than pick your knees up, drop to a squat and expose your back to that blade. But you […]

Jab, Hook…and Cut

Jab. Jab. Jab. Over and over, feet moving around, playing at measure, dodging each shot that comes back at you. Constantly sticking that left hand in your opponents’ face, over and over. Watching for the subtle signs, watching for you opponent to anticipate, to plan a counter that will actually land…that’s your moment. The moment […]

Wrestling to Lunge: Mechanics of Speed

As part of our usual rotation, last night’s unarmed portion of the class was a wrestling focus. We started with a variation on the fireman’s throw, and then worked some ground defenses. We had a lot of fun, and when the time came to pick up the swords…it looked like everyone still wanted to do […]

A look behind the doors

If we had doors to hide behind, anyways… Putting together the first promo clip for the Valkyrie WMA Assembly was a bit of a challenge. Our camera has been busy. I leave it on a table at the side of class, and encourage students to take a few shots if they are sitting out or […]