Feed the Machine

I live in a rich world, even though I’m poor. I’ve got water to spare, more food than I know what to do with, and only work a few hours each day. I’ve got a roof to sleep under, a cozy bed, pets, tools and materials to make anything I want. I can’t buy a […]

Best and then some

No matter how terrible the martial art, it always seems like a good fighter can come out of the school. Conversely, even the best styles can have complete drudges for students. It happens. In the poor style…or even in a poor school…the student with the right motivation will find a way to excel. Really bad […]

Sticks and Stony Hands

My hands seem to be more callous that anything else. I suppose it’s a side effect of so much weapons work, and all the movement work. My hands are on the ground a lot. It’s inevitable that the body will change and adapt to the circumstances I choose to put it in. We’ve been doing […]

Face Value

I’m a huge fan of the gay pride movement, and how it became an equal rights movement. I even love the overtly-sexual pride parades. I also really love the feminist movement these days, with it’s smart attacks on subtle assumptions about sexism. I’m a supporter of these things in a selfish way…they will result in […]