The Valkyries are going to Swordsquatch!

Valkyrie WMAA is going to be closed from Thursday, September 5th until Saturday, September 8th, and it’s because a whole bunch of our staff and students are heading south of the border to participate in Swordsquatch 2019. This weekend-long event is one of the keystones of the Pacific Northwest’s HEMA community, and members of Valkyrie WMAA have participated since its inception in 2016.

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Sliding scale pricing, by the numbers

We're all stronger together

When we tell other martial arts instructors and school owners that we offer sliding scale pricing for events at Valkyrie, one of the most common responses that we get is: “But don’t you lose a lot of money on that?” On the one hand, making money isn’t really the primary goal of offering these kinds of discounts. Rather, we’re concerned with making training accessible to as many students as possible, and especially with opening up…

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Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

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It’s time once again to celebrate all of the amazing women in our community! We’re so lucky to have so many great women at Valkyrie. They are fighters, teachers, and community leaders, and they make our school so much better through their presence. Keep on kicking ass, ladies. We love you.

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2018 Holiday Hours

Happy holidays, from the VWMAA team!

Happy holidays from all of us at Valkyrie WMAA! We try not to slow down too much over the winter holiday season, so all classes will be in session right through to January, with the following exceptions…

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