We believe that high-quality martial arts training should be available to as many people as possible, and have taken steps to make our space and courses accessible to a broad range of students. Our publicly posted and actively-enforced training space rules specifically prohibit discriminatory or harassing behaviour based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background, and ability, and we will respond quickly and seriously to all forms of harassment. You can read about our ongoing accessibility initiatives below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Physical Accessibility

The training floor ramp at the front of our space

Our street-level location is fully accessible to students and visitors with mobility impairments. We have a large accessible washroom with sink, toilet, and grab bars installed at standard heights for wheelchair users, and provide ramp access onto our raised training floor. We also do our best to limit the use of scents to accommodate students with chemical sensitivities.

We prefer to run smaller classes (6-12 students, on average), and maintain a minimum teacher:student ratio of 6:1 to make sure that nobody is left behind in group lessons. For students who require additional assistance, we're happy to offer private or semi-private instruction, increase the ratio of instructors to students, or make it possible for care aides and other assistive personnel to participate in classes alongside their clients at no additional cost.

All of our workouts are scalable, and we're always happy to offer exercise modifications to address past injuries, chronic illness or disability, or mobility limitations. No prior training or existing fitness level is required to participate in any of our ongoing classes, and any requirements for workshops or special events will be listed on event info pages.

Gender Accessibility

Students of all gender identities are welcome in our space

Our washrooms and change rooms are all single-user, gender-neutral spaces. We welcome students of all genders, and aim to keep our classes free of the machismo that often arises in martial arts spaces. We recognize that some students benefit from training in a single-gender environment, and will periodically offer classes that are open exclusively to women and femmes. Attendance is open to all who self-identify as women, or are comfortable being grouped with women for the duration of the event. Any gender-restricted event will be clearly advertised as such in all promotional material.

Our group teaching and private coaching is designed to work with a range of body types. We will always meet you wherever you are in your training and fitness journey, and focus on functional body mechanics and mobility over adherence to form. Our instructors have experience coaching students with care and respect as they went through many physical transformations, from substantial weight change, to pregnancy and gender transition.


Childcare responsibilities are often a barrier to regular class attendance. If you are interested in training with us and our class times would force you to choose between training and caring for your children, contact us. We have experience with running private and semi-private lessons that allow young children to safely watch or participate along with their parents. We're also happy to work with you and your family to find a way for your kid(s) to spend time in the space during group classes. While our main focus is teaching adults, we are a child-friendly space.

Financial Accessibility

We are all stronger together

We recognize that not everyone who wants to train with us is able to pay our standard rates. For students experiencing financial hardship, we offer the following support:

  • Workshop sponsorship: every one of our workshops has room for 1-2 interested students who cannot otherwise afford the event to participate at no cost. If you would like to be considered for sponsorship, please email us with the name of the workshop you are interested in attending.
  • Community Credit Pool: we maintain a pool of free credits for use by members of our community on a limited basis. Here's how it works:
    • any student may spend up to 4 credits/month from the Community Credit Pool on classes or private lessons at a rate of 1 credit/ 1 class or 0.5 hours of private lesson time
    • anyone can donate credits to the pool, at any time
    • if the pool ever runs out of credits, Valkyrie WMAA will top it up to a minimum of 16 credits/month

Click the button below to learn more about how the pool works, donate credits, or get access.

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