Community Credit Pool

Raise each other up!

The Community Credit Pool is a shared pool of class credits set aside for the use of students experiencing financial hardship. These credits have been donated by members of the Valkyrie WMAA community, and the pool is topped up by the school whenever its total available credits drop below 16 credits/month. It is free to use. As a Community Credit Pool user, you can spend up to 4 credits/month on group classes and/or private lessons.

To date, the Community Credit Pool has received over 250 credits, and has supported more than 10 low-income students.

Donate Credits

All cash donations made through this page will be used to purchase new credits for the pool at a rate of $10/credit. If you have a current punch card with us, you can also transfer spare credits from it directly to the pool. We will provide a receipt for all purchases and transfers, and any transfer of credits will be noted on your membership account.


Transfer credits from an existing punch card:

Access the Pool

To gain access to the pool, please fill out the form below. You will get an email confirming your registration, and providing instructions on how to spend your credits.

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