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Box.Wrestle.Fence is the personal blog of our head instructor, David R. Packer. Since 2012, it has explored the methodological and philosophical underpinnings of modern swordplay and martial arts along with fitness, community-building, and personal reflections. Box. Wrestle. Fence. is not currently being updated, but has 5 years of archives available for reading.

Kaja Sadowski - President


Kaja(s)words is the personal blog of Valkyrie WMAA president and instructor Kaja Sadowski. Begun in 2015, it mixes personal essays with pedagogical and technical discussions, and explores all of the facets of being a modern female martial artist and instructor.

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The Valkyrie News Blog collects announcements about programming changes, special events, new store offers, and updates on our school's community and projects.

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