Breathing for Wrestling – Part Three

Part Three is the final installation in our short series on breathing for wrestling and other combat contexts. It gives you someĀ guidelines how to think about breathing throughout a match, as well as some partner drills to practice.

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Breathing for Wrestling – Part One

A few weeks ago we ran a workshop on breathing for wrestling. During the research phase we realized there’s not much information on the internet about developing good breathing skills specifically for ground fighting, so we thought we’d do our bit to contribute to the World Wide Web’s great knowledge repository. Part One deals with the mechanics of breathing, and gives you a few awareness exercises to help you get used to breathing with your whole torso.

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Valkyrie Fitness Bit #20: Front and Back Levers

Tuck Front Lever

The Front and Back Lever are very challenging holds that require a lot of back and abdominal strength to pull off. Transitioning from one to the other is also a serious test of shoulder stability and strength, as the body must be kept balanced under load through a very large range of motion.

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