Valkyrie Fitness Bit #14: Prehabilitation

Prehab with Resistance Band

Prehabilitation is ongoing, mobility-focused training that helps to prevent injuries before they occur. It often involves the same kind of gentle stretching, stabilizing and strengthening, and massage work that we see in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and it targets muscle groups and joints that are subject to the most strain during your training.

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Valkyrie Fitness Bit #13: Rolls

Rolls are a great way to warm up your entire body before a high-intensity activity like grappling; to work on your mobility and proprioception and get your back loosened up before a warmup; or to relax, have a little fun, and get yourself into the right headspace before training. Forward and backward rolls can build an escalating group warmup or provide a foundation for slower mobility work, while shoulder rolls are a vital tool for any martial artist wanting to learn to fall and handle throws safely.

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Valkyrie Fitness Bit #12: The Six-Step

The Six-Step and its variations, the Three-Step and Twelve-Step, are breakdancing moves that we’ve incorporated into our mobility training to great effect. These exercises are excellent mobility supplements, as they work the shoulders through the same range of postures that we see in our gymnastic lifts (especially the L-Sit and Split L while forcing you to maintain balance and smooth motion. They can be a fun workout, and a nice way to work on building up your footwork skills for boxing or fencing.

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